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Welcome to the new Cooperative Elevator Co. grain pages.  

Cooperative Elevator Co.’s grain department is located in Pigeon, Michigan. We strive to provide quality marketing advice, competitive grain bids, and various specialty contracts and services to help our patrons make effective marketing decisions.

We have ten receiving locations throughout Michigan’s Thumb and Central region.  Our receiving and loading locations aim to provide prompt, courteous service.  We are continually improving our service in these locations. Recently, we have increased storage capacities as well as receiving and drying speeds. Many of these locations have decreased waiting times, even during the heart of harvest.

Here in the Cooperative Elevator Co. Grain Department, we believe people do business with companies because they choose to, not because they have to. We believe it's not just our excellent facilities and quality marketing advice, but the personal connections we have with our customers that make the difference.

For updated grain market information please contact (989) 453-4500 ext. 5


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We have made some changes to our upcoming Winter Marketing Meetings, instead of holding meetings in both January and March, we will hold one meeting in February 2017. Wednesday February 8th we will be in Pigeon at 9am and Ruth at 1pm. Thursday the 9th we will be in Akron at 9am. Read More

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Unity Gold Field Signs have been placed out in local fields. Read More

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Grain bin safety must remain top of mind as harvest season approaches Read More

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