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Welcome to the new Cooperative Elevator Co. grain pages.  

Cooperative Elevator Co. grain department is located  in Pigeon, Michigan,   We strive to provide quality marketing advice, competitive grain bids, various specialty contracts and services to help our patrons make effective marketing decisions.

We have eight receiving locations  throughout Michigan’s Thumb and Central region.  Our receiving and loading locations aim to provide prompt, courteous service.  Throughout the past, we have increased storage capacities, receiving and drying speeds at many of these locations and have actually decreased waiting times, even during the heart of harvest. 

Here in Grain, we believe people do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to.  We feel our customers can always find others doing the same thing we do, we believe it's the personal connection we have with our customers  that make the difference.

During this transition to a new website if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us. 

We would love to hear your input.



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We are making a change to the Winter Farmer Marketing Meetings. Our January marketing meeting will be moved back a month to December.  Read More

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Below is a review of delivery procedures and specifications. Please read your contract for a more in depth explanation of procedures and specifications. Read More

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